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Why Millennials Love Modular Homes

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5 Reasons to Build in the Winter
Dec 5, 2022

Skip the weather delays, long lead times, and wait times for permits and get a jump on your new home construction by getting started in the winter.

Beat the spring rush

Have you ever considered how long it takes to build your modular or manufactured home? Typically, about a week (at least the 85% of it that is built in the factory). The rest is lead time. If you wait until the spring rush, your construction project is put into the queue in the order in which it was received, which may be considerably backlogged.

Permits can also be delayed during peak season as you compete with every other home builder in the province to get your permits.

The ground is still frozen

Soft ground conditions, mud, and spring road bans – can often cause delivery delays if you wait until spring. In some northern communities, delivery is only possible while the winter ice roads are in place.

Better pricing from trades

Building in the off-season might make it easier to negotiate better rates with tradespeople who will be responsible for completing the finishing touches on your home once it’s onsite. Things like hooking up your electrical and plumbing, and finishing your deck are all typically more affordable when it’s not peak season with trades in high demand.

Choose your delivery date 

You get to pick when you want your home delivered, rather than having to accept the soonest date available.

Spend your summer enjoying summer

While other home buyers are accepting the earliest delivery date possible, you’ll already be living in your new home.

Ready to get started?

Winter building is a great choice for savvy home buyers who want to be living in their home before summer. Give us a call if you’re ready to get started.

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